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Chicago, modern day. The average human has no idea of the things hiding in plain sight: Witches, demons, ghosts…and a plethora of “Other.” There are no conspiracies here, just a supernatural ecosystem trying to get through the day just like anyone else. Sure, they’ve got their conspiracies, their schemers, their inter-dimensional threats and missing persons, but who doesn’t, eh?

In the middle of it all sits Windy City Investigations, an unassuming PI firm willing to take on almost any case. Need a notary public? We can do that. Need proof that your husband’s cheating with the secretary? Our hourly rates are reasonable. Did you accidentally put your new gazebo on top of an ancient burial ground and ghosts ruined your garden party? We definitely can help with that.

And, well, sometimes you need to put down a demon rebellion. It’s a thing.

Season 2: The New Crew

Meet the new crew! Dr. Lyra Bertram/Kerensa, Cat Summers, and Rex replace the original group two years after the fall of Kinseth. Things in Chicago have settled back down just in time for new excitement: BioGen is back, the mysterious Great Bazaar is coming to town, and there’s always another supernatural mystery to solve…

Season 1 (complete)

Meet Antonius Block, Alar Jackson, and Louise Smith, the three unique individuals behind Windy City Investigations. If your problem is unusual or just plain unbelievable, have a business card. Demons, vampires, or scientific experiments gone awry… if the cops can’t help you, maybe these three can.


Home Page

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