Louise Smith

Half-human, half-dragon former science bent on vengeance. Lethal and somewhat unhinged.


Born Louise Johannson, Lou’s life changed dramatically when, as a teenager, she was “killed” in a tragic car accident in the hills of the Northern California coast. In actuality, she was the only survivor of the crash, but sustained a critical spinal injury.
The nature of her injury made her a prime candidate for BioGen, an unethical, secretive biological/paranormal research corporation. They kidnapped her and faked her death certificate, ensuring that her family received only charred, unidentifiable remains.
Lou was assigned to Project Braogh. The goal: Create a monster, a weapon. Using the genetic material and inherent magic of a viable dragon egg, BioGen wanted a hybrid dragon. Undocumented numbers of test subjects were discarded as failed attempts… until Lou.
Had things continued, BioGen would likely have transitioned into a program of brainwashing, but a mysterious natural gas explosion at their facility provided her a chance to escape. The facility was destroyed, and Lou left a string of casualties to burn in the ruins.
Lou left the facility changed. With gloves and an over-sized trench coat, she could pass as odd, but she couldn’t really integrate back into human society. She couldn’t go home; her parents had buried her and grieved, and what would they think? Half-mad from her experience, she instead settled on a plan of vengeance and began hunting down the remaining BioGen scientists,
The trail eventually led her to Chicago, where – unbeknownst to her – BioGen was thriving. She only had one lead and that went cold, but a combination of stubbornness and desperation kept her hunting. In the process, she ran into Windy City Investigations. They offered her a job suited to her skills with a team of non-humans… somewhere she could fit right in.

Season 1 Notes:

Lou is almost single-handedly responsible for the more frightening rumors about Windy City Investigations. Her temper and inability to control her violent tendencies resulted in a few unfortunate incidents. Even when being civil, she tends to take a blood thirsty approach to the world, and she hasn’t been afraid to express it. She tends to be willing to follow Dr. Block’s and Alar’s more cool-headed approach, however, and if it weren’t for a few unfortunate “incidents” along the way, one might be tempted to believe that her bark is worse than her bite.

The dragon egg used in Project Braogh was recovered and turned over to a dragon living on a farm south of the city. Said dragon has provided more information on her draconic side.

BioGen left other unfortunates behind in Chicago, and not all of them were killed. Lou feels somewhat protective of the collective of part-human unfortunates that were living in the tunnels below the city, but have since been relocated to a commune outside of town.

Season 2

After the fall of Kinseth, Lou struck out on her own to indulge her restlessness, further explore her draconic side, and track down other BioGen leads. She enlisted Caitlyn Summers to replace her at Windy City, and occasionally stops by.

Louise Smith

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