Dr. Lyra Bertram/Kerensa

Scientist, Empath, Sociopath, Sensitive, Possessed


Lyra Bertram is a scientist. She is a Quantum Physicist who is brilliant in several fields of study. None of these areas, however, are life sciences. That doesn’t stop her from trying to understand it. Though, she has no inclination to put things back together when she’s done. She will, however, happily try to figure out how it was torn apart. Lyra is a horrible person. She is perfectly capable of looking at numbers instead of people and letting someone die for the “greater” good is perfectly fine with her. She had a job putting her skills to use and opened a barrier between dimensions. She had been hoping to find a world that contained Lovecraftian horrors ahe had even learned how to defend herself from it. She ended up opening a dimension to Kerensa’s home instead.

If Lyra is sociopath and brilliant, Kerensa is the opposite. She’s eternally cheerful unless something bad happens, she’s child-like, she has the knowledge but doesn’t always understand it. She is an empath and without understanding humans, she tries to use it for good. Unfortunately, Lyra is fully awake when Kerensa is in charge and goads the young spirit into doing horrible things sometimes. Kerensa’s main power is the telepathy which is often nick-named her “Care Bear Stare”. She affects the brain emotional center leaving people to feel pain from fear or the like. She says Lyra is her project and that she’ll make her a good person.

Dr. Lyra Bertram/Kerensa

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