Dr. Antonius Block

Cancer man, no he does not smoke or work for the shadow government (at least not all the time).


Dr. Block was dieing of a brain tumor, he used all of his medical knowledge to find a cure where so many had failed. The answer came from a strange man who called himself an “alchemist” Dr. Block thought he was just a self taught chemist. Together they made a serum, when Dr. Block injected it into himself his life was saved, but altered beyond his imagination.

Now his body is composed of constantly dividing cells, cancer cells that he can exert a limited control over. He is all but un-kill-able, his body heals much to fast for anything but high power explosives to have a chance to do real harm. He is also stronger than a normal man of his muscle mass. He can also stretch himself with some effort to fit through narrow spaces. Over time he has developed the ability to create a patch of skin on his hands that have a Geko’s London Dispersion Forces ability to adhere to most surfaces (he must be careful though as the adhesion is not very strong).

His body constantly writhes with cells dividing and dieing in mass. When he heals a would it is not a pretty sight, in fact the first time someone sees it they are likely to loose their lunch. The damaged tissue churns and swells as new cells over compensate, then die off until the tissue looks no different than it did before the injury.

Dr. Antonius Block

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