Annamika Moorhaven

Penthouse-dwelling collector of rare goods. What's hers is hers.


Annamika appears as a woman of indeterminate age: somewhere between 25 and 50. Probably. Certainly too young for her waist-length, silver hair. The look in her eyes is ancient. She dresses well and carries herself with deliberate poise. Her accent seems British in origin. She lives in a penthouse apartment in one of the city’s more expensive high rises.


Annamika claims to have moved to Chicago recently, sometime after the fall of Kinseth. She is much older than she appears and has shared as much with Windy City Investigations. She collects almost anything – though generally not books – and once something is hers, she will go to great lengths to get it back. There is a magic mirror in her living room, behind which lies at least part of her hoard.

The Great Bazaar has proved to be a thorn in Annamika’s side over the centuries. An item stolen from a dragon’s hoard is a rare prize. Until the current Bazaar, no one succeeded. A century ago, the accomplice of one who came close began researching better methods. He documented his findings but never acted on them. In 2012, one of his descendants, a young wizard, happened across the book and found an invitation to the Bazaar within. He managed to steal a single penny from Annamika’s hoard, prompting her to hire Windy City Investigations to retrieve it for her.

Windy City caught the wizard and turned him over to Annamika, who is currently keeping him for some unknown reason. In return for them locating and retrieving the book the wizard used, Annamika provided some information about the Bazaar.

Annamika Moorhaven

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